1. R

    Wish jGoogleMaps - Expose Marker/Events Properties

    - A Marker.IsDraggable () property in jGoogleMaps - Marker Drag/Drop events with new position exposure for draggable markers - The ability to iterate over a collection of Markers to read the values of each The same functionality for the Android lib would also be very useful.
  2. R

    B4J Question jGoogleMaps Version 1.82 problem

    I have used jGoogleMaps Version 1.25 with B4J Version 6.51 successfully for a long time. Now I want to move to the actual B4J Version 8.50 and the actual jGoogleMaps Version 1.82 and get an error. To analyse the problem I have startet the actual GoogleMapsExample and get the same error. After...
  3. chardenal

    Bug? jGoogleMaps v1.80 and Initialize2

    Hello, I try to use the library jGoogleMaps( v1.80) for b4j, I have created an API key AIzaSxxxxxxxx...xxxxxxxxx as this link: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/jgooglemaps-library.56744/#content Unfortunately, the map doesnt display... :( I use jdk-11.0.1. What have I done...