1. J

    B4J Question JGoogleMaps, Dashed line in a polygon?

    Hello everyone, Is it possible to draw a polygon with a broken line (dot - dash) or similar?
  2. K

    B4J Question jGoogleMaps issue in two pages

    Is it possible to add more than one Google Maps to different B4XPages? I have added 2 Google Maps into 2 different B4XPages, and the last B4XPage which was initialized is working fine, but the first initialized B4XPage's Google Maps is not loading. It's showing blank. If I remove the 2nd...
  3. J

    B4J Question Error making executable updating jGoogleMaps

    Hi guys, I realized a few days ago that an old project where the jGoogleMaps library participates was not working properly for me (it did not load the map). Adapt the code according to: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/jgooglemaps-library.56744/ And the curious thing is that in...
  4. K

    Android Question jGoogleMaps issue

    I'm using the jGoogleMaps library in my B4J project, and I'm receiving this error message when loading the Google Map. Additionally, the map is displaying the message 'For development purposes only.' Is this situation normal, or have I done something wrong?"
  5. J

    B4J Question [SOLVED] How to hide Google Maps traffic layer?

    Hi all, this code works great and activates the traffic layer on the map. https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/traffic-layer-on-jgoogle-maps.102370/post-642587 But I would like to disable it...How to do it?
  6. Arnaud

    B4J Question jGoogleMaps & AddPolyline error?

    Hello, I use the library jGoogleMap 1.82 and AddPolyline function. It works fine on some Windows 10 and not on some other Windows 10, I don t understand why. Please find the screenshot and see the difference between the 2 result, one correct and 1 not correct. The Polyline has segments and it...
  7. amorosik

    Italian [B4J] Mappa tipo Google Map - come fare un auto-extend su piu' marker ?

    Dispongo di una mappa, tipo esempio JGoogleMap Due o piu' marker dentro Come fare per avere uno zoom al massimo possibile compatibilmente con la visualizzazione dei marker dentro la mappa? Il classico auto-extend dei programmi cad o funzione simile per capirci
  8. R

    Wish jGoogleMaps - Expose Marker/Events Properties

    - A Marker.IsDraggable () property in jGoogleMaps - Marker Drag/Drop events with new position exposure for draggable markers - The ability to iterate over a collection of Markers to read the values of each The same functionality for the Android lib would also be very useful.
  9. R

    B4J Question jGoogleMaps Version 1.82 problem

    I have used jGoogleMaps Version 1.25 with B4J Version 6.51 successfully for a long time. Now I want to move to the actual B4J Version 8.50 and the actual jGoogleMaps Version 1.82 and get an error. To analyse the problem I have startet the actual GoogleMapsExample and get the same error. After...
  10. Arnaud

    Bug? jGoogleMaps v1.80 and Initialize2

    Hello, I try to use the library jGoogleMaps( v1.80) for b4j, I have created an API key AIzaSxxxxxxxx...xxxxxxxxx as this link: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/jgooglemaps-library.56744/#content Unfortunately, the map doesnt display... :( I use jdk-11.0.1. What have I done...