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  1. A

    Question about a job offer

    Hi, I have a question. Can I post a job offer only related to B4X? Thanks.
  2. Kevin Golding

    Offer: MQTT messaging [Closed]

    Hello, I'm looking for a developer to build a basic B4A app that will use MQTT for simple text messaging. The GUI will be very basic and not need any fancy graphics, and the app will need to respond to an intent that will trigger the MQTT subscription and then display any inbound messages...
  3. sfsameer

    Share My Creation X Job Finder (Directory Listing) : Source For Sale

    Hello everyone ! *Thank you Erel :) A new AMAZING project is in the making! The project is "XJobFinder" XJobFinder will contain the following : 1- Submit a job offer 1-1 by Category 1-2 by Sub-Category 1-3 by Country and City 1-4 by Talent 1-5 Upload photos 1-6 Expected Salary 2- View offers...
  4. gian55

    job request for push notification demo b4a/b4i

    I need a working demo app to receive/send push notification (firebase or onesignal which i prefer) for b4a and b4i. i've the google firebase account and the apple developer account. i pay with paypal. please contact me if interested thank you
  5. Ibrahim Saleh

    Video Streaming App

    I need an b4a app that is able to stream video from local storage. The video streaming service must use socket server to send chuck byte array to the video player. For more reference check this link. If you are up...
  6. janderkan


    Hi I am looking for one or more people to help me with creating an ABMaterial website. I will provide a graphical wish and together we will choose the best and fastest solution. We will create 1 page at a time so that it is posible for more people to participate. I think that I will do the...

    Experienced B4X Developer to deploy App for Residential Condominium

    I'm looking for an experienced B4X (Android/iPhone) developer/partner to deploy an application to simplify residential management checklists. Together with the client-side app where a condominium agent will visit different condominium locations (common areas, garden, service floors, parking...