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  1. P

    Android Question How to rename mysql database table using jRDC2 with B4A?

    Hello everyone, i am building an app for data acquisition in which for every series of measurement a new table in a sql database should be created. Since you cant create a table with variable name easily, i tried to always give the same name "messwerte" and rename after the measurement is...
  2. Ryan Pigeon

    Android Question JRDC : WARNING: Could not load driverClass null

    Can anyone help? My config file: DriveClass=net.ucanaccess.jdbc.UcanaccessDriver JdbcUrl=jdbc:ucanaccess://c:/users/public/persons.accdb;memory=true; My Attributes: #AdditionalJar: ucanaccess-4.0.4 #AdditionalJar: commons-lang-2.6 #AdditionalJar: commons-logging-1.1.3...
  3. J

    Android Question Unwanted loop splash screen and getRecord via jRDC

    Hi, if was busy trying to use the splash screen together with getting data via jRDC, but it goes in to a loop. To test the same behaviour: Take the sample script of https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4x-b4xpages-splash-screen.120851/ and add the client part of this...