1. walterf25

    B4J Question Underline Text on hover

    Hi all, I am trying to figure out a way to underline the text on an ABMLabel component when hovering over the label, I have tried the following but doesn't work. lblforgotpass.SetExtraStyle($":hover {text-decoration: underline; }"$) Any ideas how to get this working? Regards, Walter
  2. walterf25

    B4J Question Successful Business ABMaterial Framework Stories.

    Hi all, I would like to read from any success stories using ABMaterial framework, has anyone actually either for personal business purposes or for a client built a successful web app that is still currently being used by more than 1000 users on a daily basis. The reason I ask this question is...
  3. Rosin

    Android Question How can i use the webview to play online vedio

    hello!i try yo use the b4a to construct a Paid video parsing app,Emm...I use the Web video parsing interface(https://okjx.cc/),In my test,i try to loadurl like this ...actually,i can see i am in the website,but i can't see any button in the app,if i open the url normally in my edge,it works。...
  4. Mashiane

    B4J Question [BANano] [SOLVED] How to preload & defer js and css files?

    Hi there With possibilities to preload css and js files and also defer them, how can one activate such features when adding the resources to the header? Thanks
  5. walterf25

    B4J Question BaNano JavaScript

    Hello everyone, first of all i apologize if this question is somewhat stupid, i honestly don't have much experience with HTML or JavaScript, i started playing around with BaNano library, I started wrapping the WebRTC library for android, but I wanted to see if i could create the WebRTC server...