1. Swissmade

    B4J Question JShell and Process ID

    Hi all In my app I start some Daemons max 10 they are controlled with CLI Commands. Daemons can be on WIndows and Linux(PI) Now I like to get the Process ID to check if one of the Daemons still running. The daemons start Shell.Run(-1) They all have the same name but start from a different...
  2. S

    B4J Question Can a jShell RunWithOutputEvents process also pass values back to the called process

    I need my B4j app to start a Windows exe application and to then pass data back and forth between them (with the exe transmitting data every second or so). I intended to use jShell to initially- call the exe (a .Net Windows Form) using the Args value to pass a port number that would then be used...
  3. yo3ggx

    B4J Question jShell error

    Hello. I try to run an exe file using jShell. The following simple code is used: Dim sh1 as Shell sh1.Initialize("sh1","myapp.exe",Array As String("-d","1","-p","5174")) sh1.WorkingDirectory = "C:\MyApp" sh1.RunWithOutputEvents(-1) then I have Sub sh1_ProcessCompleted(Success As Boolean...
  4. erol34

    B4J Tutorial Office Scanner tutorial

    Hi friends, I wrote a B4J program and a comprehensive tutorial in my blog page. It shows who is online in local network by names of persons. It scans 254 ip numbers in less than one minute.. You can see the complete source code and steps to follow for beginners, including installation and...
  5. MARCO C.

    B4J Question [B4J] aprile file excel

    Esiste un modo per aprile un file presente in una cartella del PC ? Ho trovato qualcosa con "shell" ma non trovo un esempio pratico. Grazie in anticipo
  6. KMatle

    B4J Code Snippet Print all files in a folder (*.pdf, etc.) on the standard printer via VBS (Windows)

    I use this small vbs script to print all documents (in my case pdf files) on the standard printer (works fine in a WIN 10 production system). Call it via jShell with the folder as a parameter where the docs are. Printing PDF's is very easy as you don't need to know the installed PDF viever and...
  7. D

    B4J Question [Solved] Shell.run blocking server

    Hi! I'm developing an api to interact with mssql. Now I'm trying to generate a PDF file with an external exe, to do so I call shell.run an powershell script and wait for it to close to write a response, but while the external exe is running the server not respond any other request. s.Initialize...
  8. KMatle

    Other jShell: MySQLDump.exe (does not work) vs. batch file (works)

    I'm trying to use jShell to run MySQLDump.exe to dump a database: DumpDB.Initialize("DumpDB","C:/xampp/mysql/bin/mysqldump.exe" , _ Array As String("-u root","-pxxxxx#","dbname","> ", "C:\xampp\htdocs\enctrans\Dumps\test.sql" )) It fails with: When I start a batch file via jShell...
  9. C

    B4J Question How to Send commands to a jShell opened Program

    I already Run the aplication.exe i wanted to run with jShell, know i want to rite some commands so that they are automatically done in the aplication I opend. Is there a way to do this? if so How? the Code to run the app is: Sub btnRun_MouseClicked (EventData As MouseEvent) Dim xfoil As...
  10. C

    B4J Question Run a .exe File with jShell

    I am trying to run a .exe application with a button. The app is located in the Object Folder of the B4J file. When I click the button the app doesn't start and it doesn't appear any error in the logs it just doesn't start. the code im using is below. Dim xfoil As Shell Dim params As...