key value store

  1. Mrphone

    Android Question Blocked by Play Protect

    hi guys :) When installing the program, I get the error "Blocked by Play Protect" which is from Google Play ... I know this error is related to the signing key, but I use my signing key. Previously, everything was fine until I deleted my key signing key and then every key I made would get an...
  2. Multiverse app

    Android Question SHA1 conflict GCP and Firebase

    So I need Firebase Auth in my project, therefore I added my SHA1 in Firebase. Now I need to add Google's Translation API Which needs OAUTH. As seen in Erel's Tutorial, we need to generate a client ID for this. GCP needs SHA1 key too: The problem is, I cannot use the same SHA1 key for...
  3. Dave O

    Wish library for Android's key/value backup service

    I'd love to see a library for Android's key/value backup service: This service lets any Android app (since Android 2.2) back up their settings data, so that if the app is reinstalled later (on the original device or a new one, like...
  4. Pete_S

    Android Question Save Map To KeyValueStore, Load Map From KeyValueStore

    I created this code. It works but I was wondering if there is an easier/optimized way to save a map to a KeyValueStore and retrieve it back from the KeyValueStore. Main: Sub Process_Globals End Sub Sub Globals End Sub Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean) Dim map1 As Map...