1. J

    Android Question How to Detect Keyboard Hide Event when Keyboard is Shown and Back Button is Pressed

    Hi All, Just as the title suggests, I want to know how to detect a keyboard hide event when you did not press the DONE or ENTER key but instead tapped the BACK button (or swiped BACK) to hide the keyboard. Specifically, I want to resize a custom list view into the available space once the soft...
  2. S

    iOS Question Keyboard hiding B4XFloatTextField

    I notice I can detect the keyboard appearing using Page1_KeyboardStateChanged but I have no way of knowing which TextField has the focus so I can then move the panel it's in up to allow the user to still see it while they type. How best should I handle this scenario? Regards, Simon
  3. solutionhacker

    Android Question BLE Peripheral as HID keyboard

    Hello all, I would like to write an Android app that allows the phone to act like a Bluetooth HID keyboard. I want to send keystrokes and commands from the app to a BIuetooth-enabled computer. Is that possible with the BLE Peripheral library? Can someone please show me an example of how it is...
  4. R

    Android Question Stopping default keyboard but without doing edittext input_type = none

    As I am using my own custom keyboard (exact copy of the default samsung keyboard, but with lots of benefits, all working very nicely), but still not figured out how to properly avoid the default keyboard popping up. I only use this for one particular edittext, which is used to run SQL. I can't...
  5. MitchBu

    Android Question Suppress keyboard top lines ?

    In landscape mode on a phone there was barely enough room to enter two lines, but recently, now the keyboard comes with an extra panel with icons on it, like on the screenshot I am posting. I found no setup on the phone to remove that extra panel. Is there any way to remove that, or the...
  6. Lucas Eduardo

    iOS Question CalcRelativeKeyboardHeight CustomListView

    Hello, i'm trying to calculate the keyboard with customlistview, i tryed this but without success. I did a code that works with panels and textfields or textviews inside a panel, when i tryed with...
  7. M

    iOS Question [B4X] Chat Layout bad textfield positioning

    Hi, I'm slowly integrate the chat example from @Erel (Thanks you) but when I click the textfield it resize in a bad way I guess. It's too much above the keyboard. Thank to anyone will answer!

    Android Question keyboard hidding field

    hello, Please, do have an idea for that : how to prevent keyboard to hide field when filling it ? Thanks Michel
  9. J

    iOS Question Connect Bluetooth Keyoard iOS

    How do I get the key pressed from a bluetooth keyboard connected to a iOS device in B4i?
  10. R

    Android Question How stop keyboard showing when clicking clickable csbuilder text?

    Have a EditText called edtSQL with clickable csbuilder text with the eventname "Table": cs.Underline.Bold.Color(SQLColours(10)).Clickable("Table", _ arrSQLWords(i).strWord).Append(arrSQLWords(i).strWord).Pop.Pop.Pop.Pop Sub Table_Click(Tag As Object) Dim strTable As String HideKeyboard...
  11. A

    Android Question Regular system-wide keyboard

    Hi all I want to create my own keyboard and use it system-wide like any other system keyboards (Swipe, GoKeyboard, GBoard, Jbak, ...). Searching forum for "keyboard" or "system keyboard" gave me tons of improper links just bcz searching word "keyboard" so common and widely used. Please help me...
  12. ivan.tellez

    Android Question How to show the keyboard for a DSFloatLabelEditText? (IME not working)

    I have 2 DSFloatLabelEditText of the design support library. For filling the first one I have a buton to use a BarcodeScaner with some code like this: Sub BarcodeOk(Value As String) DSFloat1.Text = Value DSFloat2.RequestFocus End Sub Sub DSFloat2_FocusChanged (HasFocus As Boolean)...
  13. hears

    Android Question how to write a keyboard app?

    is it possible in B4A ?I try write a russian input keyboard , for example,when i use facebook ,i can use this app input russian. before i have write app with russian keyboard.but this keyboard only can use in myself app.
  14. supriono

    B4J Question Read Internal Keyboard ?

    hello I tried to make a simple application to create a keyboard with tab and enter function to select textfield and button. when using the tab key from the keyboard the selection of textfield runs fine but with the program not running. I use AWTRobot anyone can help me project file
  15. M

    Android Question customlistview

    hi!, its possible to navigate thru the items (one by one) in a customlistview with a keybord (arrows) and highlight the actual position?
  16. Alexander Stolte

    iOS Question View over the keyboard

    Hello, i did a tutorial on how to place a view over the keyboard on android. But now i'm on IOS, i have search in the Forum here, but I did not find anything that helped me. I found this Function: "CalcRelativeKeyboardHeight". This do not work: pnl_ground.Top =...
  17. Sagenut

    Other [SOLVED] Enable Hardware Keyboard in AVD

    Hi! I am trying to enable Hardware Keyboard in AVD created with B4A SDK Manager. By Default it does not work. I tried to modify the hw.keyboard = false in hw.keyboard = true in the config.ini of the emulator files but it still does not work. Is it possible to enable it or the function it's not...
  18. gian55

    Wish keyboard shortcut for Designer and Maninfest editor

    I would love a shortcut as like ctrl+f12 for the visual designer and another one shortcut for the manifest editor. The editor manifest do not keep previous windows size. Could be also useful a shotcut to save and exit from Visual designer . Thank you gian
  19. S

    Wish Disable F11 for .net developers

    Hi, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit but the habit of using F11 in debugging step by step in .Net and in the browser for javascript, makes that sooner or later press F11 in b4x. Could you please consider that function to be optional?
  20. Sandman

    Android Tutorial How to disable keyboard suggestions

    There are numerous threads in the forum about this, but I didn't have much luck with them. I wanted to disable the suggestions, but they always showed. I saw one suggestion setting the field to be for email, which disabled the suggestions - but that's clearly just a dirty workaround. This is...