1. I

    Android Question Kiosk example not working after rebooting (DOOGEE X10)

    Hello all, First, thanks for B4A I am using it since about a month and it is really nice to use. I am currently developping a kiosk application which I test on a DOOGEE X10, which is a low cost phone running on android 6.0. I tried to use the example given by Eren...
  2. D

    Android Question Kiosk service prob

    Hi, Since a few days, my kiosk service that has been running to satisfaction for almost 2 years now, gives an error: " java.lang.RuntimeException: Cannot change properties after call to SetInfo. Initialize the notification again." Any ideas, i haven't touched it for ages. It's run off the mill...
  3. nibbo

    Android Question Kiosk mode problem

    Hi all I am trying to install an app launcher and set up the device in kiosk mode following the tutorial posted by Erel. The app installs and runs just fine but I get a problem when I try to run the shell scripts to set the device owner. I issue the command: adb shell dpm set-device-owner...
  4. A

    Android Question back button(kiosk) to back in webview

    hi, my english is not so good.. someone knows how to do that when i press the back button(on my device), in the webview it will return back(to the before-last page). thanks
  5. L

    Android Question Public Bluetooth Connection

    I have a special application where an Android device is configured as a kiosk and it is placed at a public location. Anyone having a special app in his/her phone is invited to send messages to this device via Bluetooth. I would want my Android device to behave like a printer - user scans for...