label text property

  1. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - Changing the text property of a label view in an xCLV at a specific index

    Greetings, I built a CLV using this coding: Activity.LoadLayout("SongList") ' This layout also contains a custom list view. CSelections.Initialize(clvSongList) CSelections.Mode = CSelections.MODE_SINGLE_ITEM_PERMANENT ' Make panel slide down out of site...

    Android Question Change label text background color

    Hello Guys, I'm creating an array of labels by code and, as far as I could see, the text background property (among others) is not available by code. Is that true? :( In this specific case each label.text will have a single letter (ie, A B C D ... Z) but the background color is important.:) Is...