1. Andrew (Digitwell)

    Android Example Resizing Text Control Custom View - Set text control size based on text - Non Latin Text fix

    There are many occasions when you need to have multiple labels which all size themselves to their contents and also align with each other with no space. The solution to this is to use MeasureMultiLineText within the StringUtils Library. To make this easy to use I created a CustomView...
  2. epiCode

    Android Question crossed with cross platform

    I've been struggling with this code for quite sometime in order to make it cross-platform compatible. b4j label as shown in B4XPagesCrossPlatformProjectsV2_1.pdf documentation is as follows: HERE all labels are shown to be compatible across platforms but in actual there are some properties...
  3. R

    Android Question Problem with Droppy library with labels

    Posted this is a different thread: but the problem in that thread (lost button click event) has been solved, but got a different problem now and that is that if I use labels for the menu items (which seems to be needed to specify...
  4. Alessandro71

    Android Question Optimizing label redraws

    Despite not being a game, my app has several labels that gets updated several times a second: text is changed, visible and color attributes are changed, position and size are changed. How does Android handles redraws? When I set label.Text, it gets redrawn on screen. Does it get redrawn even if...