1. R

    Android Question Get Latitude and Longitude from map tile (x, y, zoom)

    I can see the code to get this on this wiki page: eg in Python: Tile numbers to lon./lat. import math def num2deg(xtile, ytile, zoom): n = 2.0 ** zoom lon_deg = xtile / n * 360.0 - 180.0...
  2. Justcooldev

    Android Example Very simple GPS Program

    Hi guys, how to use : 1. copy the starter into your project If Starter.GPS1.GPSEnabled = False Then ToastMessageShow("Please enable the GPS device.", True) StartActivity(Starter.GPS1.LocationSettingsIntent) 'Will open the relevant settings screen. Else...
  3. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] Indicating when you are facing the direction of a latitude and longitude

    Hi Everyone, I this possible with B4A? This is the latitude and longitude for a particular location. Place Name Latitude Longitude Tewksbury, MA, USA 42.610649 -71.234222 This is the latitude and longitude for where I'm at. Place Name Latitude Longitude Lowell, MA, USA 42.640999 -71.316711...