1. A

    Android Question Example for LazyLoading from jRDC2

    Hi All, I can load/SELECT ALL data in a table from jRDC2 (mysql DB) with no problem, but I think this is not perfect in case of thousands of rows to return/SELECT from App performance standpoint, also I am aware that I can use LIMIT to limit the number of rows; however I am not sure how to...
  2. Alexander Stolte

    B4A Library AS Gallery - show images from folders (image- and video-thumbnails)

    I want to share my class to create a image preview list like in the gallery app. This class is based on xCustomListView and PreoptimizedCLV. The class is creating a cached thumbnail of a image if needed, to avoid performance issues on scrolling. The cache folder is created here...
  3. Multiverse app

    Android Question MapFragment with CustomListView

    The Goal is to Add MapFragment with Customlistview while using LazyLoading. After the mapfragment is ready, add a marker to all of the maps. The Problem is that at VisibleRangeChanged, mfclvorders_Ready is called for only the last MapFragment. Therefore, All the maps except the last are left...