1. H

    Android Question How can I LoadBitmap from File.DirAssets... using customlist view

    Hi Guys. I'm stuck trying to use my own icons on a customlistview. I tried fontawsome icons but they are not to my liking. i know the code for listviews is [CODE lang="b4x" title="ListView1.AddTwoLinesAndBitmap2("Results", "", LoadBitmap(File.DirAssets, "report_card_96px.png"),0)"][/CODE]...
  2. Lucas Eduardo

    iOS Question Image is stretched

    Hello, my images was looking like this https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/loadbitmapresize-image-is-blurred-if-the-image-scale-down.100068/#content So i used the code provided by Erel and it works, the images it is not blurred, but in some devices its stretched, see in the attached file...
  3. Alexander Stolte

    iOS Question LoadBitmapResize image is blurred if the image scale down

    Hello, i have a problem with LoadBitmapResize, it is recommended to use it, but i have this strange output: Left is the icon with "LoadBitmap" and right it is load with "LoadBitmapResize" The Icon is 100x100. I use the width and height of the imageview. ImageView1.Bitmap =...

    Android Question Doubts on Imageview/LoadBitmap

    Hello Guys, I'm using Imageview/LoadBitmap/LoadBitmapResize to present .JPG files based on program logic. My question is: Do I have to load every single .JPG file to the project at design time? What If I just add new .JPG to file directory? Will my app find these new files or do I have to...