local builder error

  1. M

    iOS Question Local Mac Builder - After compiling successfull nothing happen on B4i-Bridge

    Hi, i'm manged finally to compile on a local mac, but when the compiling finish nothing happends, it's normal? Or i've to do something? In these days, i tried to restart several times, and NOW after i published this post (karma was waiting for this), it worked for the first time. It seems to be...
  2. Sandman

    iOS Question [SOLVED] Local builder fails at CompileAssetCatalog

    I'm moving away from the hosted builder to a local builder, and have installed everything according to the instructions, with some adjustments per info from Erel. This means that I'm running - Mac OS Mojave (10.14) - Xcode 10.0 - Java JDK 8u191 I've created a new project in B4i and just try...
  3. QtechLab

    iOS Question Local builder error

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to compile my App with the local mac compiler, using OSX (lastest version) and XCode (9.4.1). Normally i use the hosted builder to compile the App but now i have to test it with different devices. Xcode provides nice simulators. Compiling with local builder gives me...
  4. mbayik

    iOS Question Local Builder Java Problem

    Hi, i 've a problem with java on my mac.i was using my local builder but suddenly i got this message this error appears when i start java batch file in terminal on mac. it seems everything ok but no..what happened ??