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  1. I

    Android Question Screen/Phones Locked Status

    Hi Guys Does anyone know how to check if the phone/screen is locked? Thanks iCAB
  2. W

    Android Question [Solved] NB6 icon not showing on lock screen (only the white circle)

    I'm puzzled - not for the first time, certainly not for the last. My device is a Moto X Style running Android 7.0 and the app is compiled with B4A 9.50. When I use B4A Bridge, the notification icon shows properly on the lock screen; B4A Bridge doesn't use NB6 (NotificationBuilder) for...
  3. janderkan

    Android Question NB6 and lock screen

    Using the demo from here i have changed this sub to have Visibility("PUBLIC") Sub Notification_WithActions Dim n As NB6 n.Initialize("default", Application.LabelName, "HIGH").Visibility("PUBLIC").SmallIcon(smiley).AutoCancel(True) n.AddButtonAction(smiley, "Action 1", MyService...