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  1. amorosik

    Android Question Screen lock - is possible to exit by code?

    I have an app that receives notifications and executes code according to the received message If the phone is with the screen lock, however, the program is not displayed to the operator Is there a way, by code, to exit the lock screen? What if the screen lock has a password?
  2. I

    Android Question Screen/Phones Locked Status

    Hi Guys Does anyone know how to check if the phone/screen is locked? Thanks iCAB
  3. W

    Android Question [Solved] NB6 icon not showing on lock screen (only the white circle)

    I'm puzzled - not for the first time, certainly not for the last. My device is a Moto X Style running Android 7.0 and the app is compiled with B4A 9.50. When I use B4A Bridge, the notification icon shows properly on the lock screen; B4A Bridge doesn't use NB6 (NotificationBuilder) for...
  4. janderkan

    Android Question NB6 and lock screen

    Using the demo from here i have changed this sub to have Visibility("PUBLIC") Sub Notification_WithActions Dim n As NB6 n.Initialize("default", Application.LabelName, "HIGH").Visibility("PUBLIC").SmallIcon(smiley).AutoCancel(True) n.AddButtonAction(smiley, "Action 1", MyService...