1. Didier9

    Android Question How to detect when an app is running in Debug mode [solved]

    I am sure I saw that before but at the moment I can't find it. I want to be able to turn off logging when not running in debug. Thanks in advance
  2. Sandman

    Wish Make number of lines in Log configurable (or save to disk also)

    I recently needed to catch quite a lot of logs to find an issue, and found that the IDE limits the log to 5000 lines, with no option to increase. Therefore I propose that the Log size can be configurable, to a really high number. I do understand that there might be limits to what the Log area...
  3. Sandman

    Android Question How do I increase log size in the IDE?

    I need to increase size of the log in the IDE. Is this related somehow to the Developer options -> Logger buffer sizes in the phone? So if I increase it in the phone, it will show more in the IDE? Or what would be the way to do this?
  4. J

    Android Question B4A: IDE: How to really delete the Logs?

    Good evening the B4A Logs has a "Clear" button. Unfortunately, it does not clear the log, it's just similar to a "clear screen" in a shell and all the old Logs comes back really fast (e.g. if the App is restarted :-() Because we're usually not interested in old Logs or exceptions (especially...
  5. M

    B4J Library LOGBack - Logging Framework

    So this is a wrapper for the LOGBack - The Generic, Reliable, Fast & Flexible Logging Framework https://logback.qos.ch/ Dependencies: #AdditionalJar: slf4j-api-1.7.25 #AdditionalJar: logback-core-1.2.3 #AdditionalJar: logback-classic-1.2.3 logback-core and logback-classic can be downloaded...