1. ramezaniabbas

    Android Tutorial B4X Ui/UX

    New post 11-Ui/Ux Login Subscribe to my channel to be informed of new videos My channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwcpZr27-CaXPDC41a_DukQ؟view_as=subscriber...
  2. M

    Android Question B4A App with only one login

    Hello, I need to do an app that the user can change some values only if he login. The app works offline. It's not important to the user creat a login or not. I'm thinking in something that i can set the password on the code, the user just need to know this code. Can someone help me?
  3. I

    Android Question (Solved)WebView Post

    Hi Guys I am looking for an example that shows how to invoke a login page in webview. The page requires POST and passing the user name and password in json format. Thanks in advance iCAB
  4. B

    B4J Question How to do B4J form stuff (hide, return login form details)

    For B4J: 1. Is it possible to hide an existing form before opening a new form? I don't mean closing a form but "hiding" it until some later time when you want to "unhide" it. 2. How do you "pass" data between forms without using globals? 3. I am currently creating a new code module for each...
  5. Marcus Araujo

    Android Example Solution for: Google Sign In Error 12500 x Internal Testing

    The problem: If anyone is using the Google Play's Internal Testing feature to make your app available for selected users, be aware that Google changes the app and therefore the APK signature - so Firebase-based services that require SHA-1 signature will NOT work properly. In my case, Google...
  6. uniplan

    Android Question Firebase facebook authorization changed? No photo profile and no email

    Hi, normally i use facebook firebase auth login, but from two days i don't receive the email and photo user profile, but only DisplayName and Uid ... I see in the facebook developer that we send our app for verify to preserve those authentication functions: user_friends user_link user_gender...