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    Android Question Log Out

    Hello everyone! I'm building an android app with B4X and I want to create a Log Out Button on every screen. The way I thought of it to work is this: Call the LogIn page (B4XPages.ShowPage("MainPage")) The page that the user was on disappears. the B4XPage_Disappear() Sub is called. In that...
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    Android Question Logout from the app if no activity.

    Hi all. Is it possible to logout user from the app if user leave it open for, let say 20 minutes? Like the session on web . The session expired - the user logged out. I'm writing an app that works with sensitive data and don't want it to be open for all time. If the user put a phone on a table...
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    Android Question Force customer to Logout from Software before unistall

    Force Customer to Logout of Application before they Uninstall software. How can I do this?