1. Andrew (Digitwell)

    Android Example Resizing Text Control Custom View - Set text control size based on text - Non Latin Text fix

    There are many occasions when you need to have multiple labels which all size themselves to their contents and also align with each other with no space. The solution to this is to use MeasureMultiLineText within the StringUtils Library. To make this easy to use I created a CustomView...
  2. epiCode

    Android Code Snippet [B4X] Calculate width of Charsequence Text

    Calculate width of Charsequence Text Uses Java Function measureText(charSequence , int Start, int End) ' textSize is default textsize of label where charsequence is displayed Sub getWidthofCS(cx As Object,textSize As Float) As Float Dim jo As JavaObject = Me Return...
  3. epiCode

    B4A Library [B4X] LineUtils v1.2 - get required height for multiline TextView/label with variable line spacing

    LineUtils Version: 1.2 Based on code by Erel for StringUtils function MeasureMultilineTextHeight StringUtils function calculates the height for multiplier value 1 only. With this function you can calculate height with variable line spacing. LineUtils Methods: getMultilineHeight...