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  1. A

    Android Question take time from a wav file

    I need use the time of wav file to create a sequence of audios. Is there a code that allows me to obtain and use this information?
  2. Mark Baars

    B4J Question Soundpool for B4J

    Hello, I am looking for the functionality of the B4A library "SoundPool", but can't use that in B4J. For B4J I use the MediaPlayer control, but I also want to use speech and short sound effects while playing video and music with MediaPlayer instances. I have tried this with MediaPlayer but the...
  3. Mark Baars

    B4J Question Playing a video in B4J

    Hello, I am looking for a way to play full motion video in my B4J application (mp4 or ogv). I have searched the forums and found information on libraries for B4A and B4I but none for B4J. Does it exist? And where should I look for it? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Mark
  4. A

    Spanish Consulta reproducir audio mediante link generado por QR

    Buenos días: he realizado un app con lector de QR, el lector funciona perfectamente pero deseo que luego de reconocer el código QR reproduzca el contenido (audios) que se encuentran en mi google drive (o cualquier otro servicio de almacenamiento) he probado con el reproductor de audio pero solo...
  5. Lucas Eduardo

    Android Question Hide User Agent ExoPlayer

    Hello community, I'm having a problem with FIDDLER, the program that intercept our data base. When i play a video in exo player, my USER AGENT will show in FIDDLER program. Is there a way to hide my USER AGENT?
  6. rleiman

    Android Question Testing if the media player is initialized

    Hi Everyone, I would like to test if the media player is initialized like: If mpMyMediaPlayer.IsInitialized Then ' Do somthing. End If but could not find .IsInitialized in the current version of b4a since most of the objects that are available do have that in them. I need to stop the...