1. R

    Android Question Used memory

    Looking at used and available memory and using this code, copied from here: Sub LogMemory Dim r As Reflector Dim iFreeMemory As Int Dim iMaxMemory As Int Dim iTotalMemory As Int Dim iUsedMemory As Int Dim iTotalFreeMemory...
  2. Rob Bliss

    Android Question Cursor as Parameter

    When passing a cursor as a parameter, when is the correct time(s) to close the cursor? Sub main Dim v_Cursor as Cursor = SQL.ExecQuery("SELECT * FROM TABLE") func(v_Cursor) v_Cursor.Close '? End Sub Sub func(p_Cursor as Cursor) p_Cursor.getString("column") p_Cursor.Close...
  3. D

    Android Question Memory Profiling

    Is there a simple way to determine the memory usage of an Object? Something like this: PseudoCode myObject As Object objectMemoryProfile As ObjectMemoryProfileClass memoryUsage = ObjectMemoryProfile(myObject)
  4. MegatenFreak

    B4J Question Gradual increase in RAM usage (up to 1GB)??

    Hello. I have this strange issue with B4J. Early on when I'm working with it, the RAM usage is around 160MB, which is totally fine. But gradually that amount increases. After a short while to 250, then 300, etc. When I come back to continue my work after several hours, the usage goes above 500...