1. universengo

    B4J Question Problem with menubar to load layout [B4Xpage Project]

    Hello experts! I'm a newbie, looking for some help. I use B4XPages Project to create an app with 1 main layout with menubar and sub-layouts corresponding to click menus. For each layout, I create a corresponding B4Xpage module class to easily name components and code commands. The problem is: 1)...
  2. R

    Android Question B4XPages and custom menubar

    Just started with B4XPages and added a simple custom menubar, not based on the built-in Android menubar, but based on layouts with panels, labels and buttons. As far as I understand most apps will access the built-in menubar in some form, but I may have this wrong. In my old, non-B4xPages app...
  3. Swissmade

    B4J Question Menubar settings do not use the designer settings

    I have a form build with a Menubar. Funny is, I set the menubar to be 78 width but when I run the app the Menubar is full size width of the form. Somebody any idea Thanks