1. Melghost

    Android Question I can't download mididriver

    Hello. I can't download the mididriver library needed to play midi files. Where can I find it, or some alternative to achieve this? Also, is it possible to play a single note from a single string for example? Thank you and have a happy new year!
  2. kimstudio

    Share My Creation MIDIChorder

    MIDIChorder is a chord progression sequencer with different styles to simulate an accompanyment band. There are some MIDI related stuff/discussions in the forum which triggered me to learn MIDI related audio programming. Thanks @stevel05 for his great MIDI library for making all these easier and...
  3. Luca1967

    Share My Creation Karaoke B4J

    This is a Karaoke program made with Stevel's library, to which I owe a lot of thanks for his helpful help. It is simple to use. Below is an explanation of how the software works. 1) Load Song : Load midi file or Kar song 2) Load SF2 : Load un soundfont in SF2 (The key is disabled while a song...
  4. M

    Android Question Android 10 Media Player can't play Midi files

    my app based on MidiSystem2 and Midi Driver V2 Library from steve 05. Many thanks again to Steve for his outstanding work!!! With the app the user creates midi files, which are then played with the media player. On Android 8 everything works perfect. With Android 10 devices is not possible...
  5. peter01

    B4J Question How to select a MIDI receiver

    Hi, I have infos of all my connected MIDI devices using parts of Steve05 AudioSystem example. : Dim MidiRecs() As Object = MidiSystem.RunMethod("getMidiDeviceInfo",Null) All infos are in a list: For Each MInfo As JavaObject In MidiRecs Result.Add(MInfo) Next By comparing the list...