1. rtek1000

    B4J Tutorial Maximize, minimize, restore and full screen (programmatically)

    Based on this post and in other internet searches: (Attached sample project) #Region Project Attributes #MainFormWidth: 600 #MainFormHeight: 600 #End Region Sub Process_Globals Private fx As JFX Private MainForm As Form Private xui As XUI Private Button1 As B4XView...
  2. MegatenFreak

    B4J Question Help minimizing an undecorated form (tried setIconified)

    Hello. My app has a main window which shows all the options and submenus and covers most of the screen. It is "undecorated". The problem is, when I open other forms from that main form, they don't show as separate "tabs" in Windows, so as soon as I click on another part of the screen, the...