mqtt client

  1. paris7162

    B4A Library MQTT Multiplayer Library

    This is a MQTT Multiplayer Library created by one of the best B4A library creators and member in the B4X Community. I use his libraries in all of my games. I didn’t write any of this code and I told him I would keep his identity private unless he wanted to reveal who he is. I use it to play a...
  2. T

    Spanish Enviar datos con MQTT

    Hola Tengo un broker de MQTT en una Rasberry con el "Mosquitto" instalado y funciona perfectamente, vamos con Arduino y con Python no tengo ningun problema. La aplicacion que tengo en B4J y otra en B4A tambien me funcionan perfectamente recibiendo datos, pero en cambio no consigo enviar datos...
  3. H

    B4R Question Out of bound error MQTT Payload ConvertBytesToArray

    Hello all, In experimenting with MQTT, B4R- and B4Xserializator I encountered a problem with the ConvertBytesToArray member. I send the type mb from B4A to NodeMCu B4R. B4A side : Sub Proces Globals ... Dim Ser as B4xSerializator Type MyButton(Which As String, State As String) ... End Sub ...
  4. A

    Android Question MQTT payload type

    Hi, I'm doing some test with a MQTT broker, using the MQTTBox tool, to verify all is working well, before use my APP. The topic to publish and the payload used are in the following screenshot: With this tool, all is working fine. When I use the APP, I can connect to the broker perfectly...
  5. A

    Android Question MQTT with CA file

    HI, I'm developing a MQTT client and I would like to know how to connect with a broker using a certificate file. The connection must use mqtts/tls protocol. Thanks