1. luthfiagata

    Android Question How do I display data from the database in a message box

    I want to display data in a text box by retrieving data from the database Private Sub boxmesage_Click mdlkoneksi.koneksi ="SELECT * FROM jadwalkerja WHERE idkaryawan = '" & Main.idne & "' ") For i = 0 To - 1...
  2. C

    B4J Question Close xui.MsgboxAsync or xui.Msgbox2Async with code

    Based on @Erel's code here.... xui.MsgboxAsync & xui.Msgbox2Async don't have a "cancel" method, so trying to use it generates an error: java.lang.RuntimeException: Method: cancel not found in: javafx.scene.control.Alert Instead, the 'close' or 'hide' methods can be used: Sub Globals Dim...
  3. james_sgp

    iOS Question B4i Msgbox2Async giving error

    Hi, I am still struggling to the Msgbix2Async working, I am always get an error on the 'response' line. The error is below as is my full code is below (test app): Local builder Error: B4i Version: 8.10 Parsing code. (0.01s) Building folders structure. (0.11s) Running custom action...
  4. M

    iOS Question change default msgbox

    Can change default msgbox b4i like this picture??
  5. C

    Spanish Este código sobre Msgbox2Async es de uno de los manuales pero no me funciona

    Hola, estoy conociendo este lenguaje que en principio me parece bastante sencillo pero me he encontrado con el problema de que cuando uso 'Msgbox2Async' siempre me da error. Hasta el punto de que el código que muestro a continuación está copiado de uno de los manuales pero sigue dando error. Al...
  6. D

    iOS Question How to clear a Msgbox2Async

    Hi Guys I have a problem with xui.Msgbox2Async() it remains on the page until you click on one of its options (i.e. positive, negative or cancel). I need to remove the message programmatically or certainly remove it when it moves on to the next page. Dim sf As Object =...