iOS Question How to clear a Msgbox2Async


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Hi Guys
I have a problem with xui.Msgbox2Async() it remains on the page until you click on one of its options (i.e. positive, negative or cancel). I need to remove the message programmatically or certainly remove it when it moves on to the next page.

This is the code to display the msgbox:
    Dim sf As Object = xui.Msgbox2Async("Please click the link in the activation email", "Account Not Activated", "Resend email", "Retry","New account" , Null)
    Wait for (sf) msgbox_result (result As Int)
    Switch (result)

In my case, the message box asks the customer to activate an account by clicking on a link in an activation email. Assuming they do click on this link, then App detects this (by using a timer) and should automatically clear the msgbox and allow the App to run (by moving to the next page).

I am using B4X and it works with Android version but that is because it is switching activities.

Can anyone help?