1. M

    iOS Question change default msgbox

    Can change default msgbox b4i like this picture??
  2. Lucas Siqueira

    iOS Question Error with xui.MsgboxAsync("text", "title") with B4XPages.ClosePage(Me), page does not close

    When I display a message with xui.MsgboxAsync("text", "title") and then immediately order to close the page with B4XPages.ClosePage(Me) , on Android it works correctly, but on IOS it does not close the page, and when I click a button that I created and has the command to close the page, nothing...
  3. A

    iOS Question Format text in MsgBox

    Hi all. I have a string that has to ne shown in XUI.MsgBoxAsync Here is a code Sub Button1_Click Dim str As String str=MyText Log(str) xui.MsgboxAsync(str, "B4X") End Sub Private Sub MyText As String Dim sb As StringBuilder sb.Initialize...
  4. A

    Android Question MsgboxAsync in Resumable Sub

    Hi all I'm updating my app and replace all MsgBox that are depreciated to MsgBoxAsync. I have a problem because MsgBoxAsync is not modal anymore I have a code for example Private Sub ApplyServerResponse as Boolean Dim TransferResult as String TransferResult=GetParsedResultFromJSON ' Sub that...
  5. D

    iOS Question How to clear a Msgbox2Async

    Hi Guys I have a problem with xui.Msgbox2Async() it remains on the page until you click on one of its options (i.e. positive, negative or cancel). I need to remove the message programmatically or certainly remove it when it moves on to the next page. Dim sf As Object =...
  6. D

    Android Question Custom Font on "OK" Button with MsgboxAsync

    With reference to this thread: Which covers how to set a custom font for a Message Box. Is there a way to also set a custom font for the "OK" button?