1. R

    Android Question B4A - Direct connection with JdbcSQL to MSSQL with istance

    Hello everyone, i tried successfully to connect my app an MSSQL Server without istance, but when i try to connect with another MSSQL that has an istance the connection doesn't work. I specify the istance in the jdbcUrl after the IPServer; is it right? Public MsSql As JdbcSQL Private...
  2. M

    Android Question JDBC run a MSSQL stored procedure with in & out params

    Hello, I am stuck with JDBC and MSSQL. I have successfully connected using JDBC like so: Sub Process_Globals Public msSQL As JdbcSQL Private driver As String = "net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver" Private jdbcUrl As String = "jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://"...
  3. Mashiane

    B4J Question [BANano]: [SOLVED] Using MySQL / MSSQL with PHP

    Hi there Update: April 8, 2019 Solution [BANAno] MySQL CRUD with PHP - Part 1 [BANano] MySQL CRUD with PHP - Part 2 I have an issue that I need to address. I have a backend that I need to speak to from my BANano App, this could either be MySQL or either MSSQL (no decision as yet). I guess...
  4. A

    Android Question connect sql using server name

    Hello everyone. Does anyone know if there is a library that makes the database connection by server name and not by IP number? Currently I use the MSSQL library, but it only connects by IP. I need to connect by name.