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  1. kimstudio

    Share My Creation sfxgen - B4A

    SfxGen generates Lo-Fi like 8 bit sound effect for games. The generated sfx can be exported to wav file. B4A version of the B4J one. Languages of EN/CN support based on Localizator code. SaveAs via Erel's FileHandler.bas. For streaming wave format file it is better to use RAF to write it in...
  2. kimstudio

    Share My Creation mp3 play speed changer and chord detector

    Mp3 player with real-time play speed changing and chord detection functionality. It is a B4A version of the B4J one. A music tool for amateur musician to follow the slow down playing to practice and catch the chord. The chord detection algorithm is not perfect. Key detection seems fine. Todo...
  3. kimstudio

    Share My Creation SfxGen

    Port part of the famous Sfxr by DrPetter to B4X. SfxGen generates sound effect for games. The sfx can be exported to wav file. Java 8 and 14 jars are provided (I found 14 is HDPI aware, hard to run the jar directly though). B4A version may come soon.
  4. kimstudio

    Share My Creation LiveBeatMix - Music Pad

    Try to remake live pad kind of music app. Hope one day I can make all these B4J app demos complete and port to android. Since the pad view needs to be dynamically created so finally I learned how to make custom views and add it to parent by code, which is really nice. Switch play/edit mode to...