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Try to remake live pad kind of music app. Hope one day I can make all these B4J app demos complete and port to android.
Since the pad view needs to be dynamically created so finally I learned how to make custom views and add it to parent by code, which is really nice.

Switch play/edit mode to play the pad or edit the the step sequencer of each pad. If pad is activated then it will only start to play in next bar.
The audio can be easily saturated if multiple pads are on at same beat, can turn down pad volume to avoid it.



If you want to try: java -jar LiveBeatMix.jar (Java version "1.8.0_202", Windows)


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In old days Fruity Loops really shocked me by its UI, which made by Delphi. I just want to figure out how it works and realize the basic core of these audio sample based music app, like real-time audio mixing, pitch shifting, sound synthesis and audio effects :)


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Corrected the short variable overflow bug during mixing. The noisy sound issue seems improved. A master volume control is added to easily control volume of each pad in all to solve volume saturation problem. Jar uploaded at #1.

short overflow:
    Dim s As Short = 0
    Dim a As Short = 32000
    s = s + a + a