1. arastoo

    Android Question make admob Native ads

    Hello friends:) I'm going to set AdMob Native ads in my app. These ads must be displayed after each panel in the scroll but only at the end of the scroll is displayed:( where is the problem ? please guide me;) Thank you #Region Activity Attributes #FullScreen: False #IncludeTitle...
  2. wonder

    Android Tutorial How to fix the multiple native libraries problem

    Error: It might happen that, when combining multiple native (JNI) libraries, your Android app will crash with an UnsatisfiedLinkError. Why does this happen? Well long-story-short, your libraries differ from each other in terms of ABIs (target CPU architecture). For a detailed explanation...
  3. Alexander Stolte

    Android Question Good Emulators to debug my App with a Native Library

    Hello, i've been using Genymotion for a long time, but now that I need to use a native library, I can not install the app anymore and have to look for a good alternative. Since my Samsung S7 Edge still does not support Android 8, but I want to prepare the app so slowly on API 26, I need an...
  4. appie21

    Android Question Opening wrong facebook page in nativeapp

    Hello I try to open the facebook app with a page (in this case B4a) Sub BtnFacebook_Click Dim fURI As String = "" Dim in As Intent in.Initialize(in.ACTION_VIEW, "fb://facewebmodal/f?href=" & fURI) Try StartActivity(in) Catch...
  5. Patent

    B4J Question fatal error in jfxwebkit.dll ???

    Dear community, i am dealing with a really standard webview in a b4j splitpane, nothing special at all. (loaded site is, but i think that did not matter, no video playing, just browsing through..) from time to time i am getting a fatal error of the jvm. i cant reproduce it, but i...