1. saeed10051

    Android Question B4A B4J communications

    I have used Network library to send data from my B4A app on my mobile to my desktop running a B4J app. A custom data type can be send this way using wifi connection. I need to know which library / method i can use to communicate between my B4A app and B4J app over the internet. I am considering...
  2. KMatle

    Android Example B4a bridge via LAN

    Just bought an Android TV box and I mentioned that you can connect to the bridge via LAN (usually WiFi). Even it shows "Not connected to wireless network" and doesn't show a ip address the internal server listens to any connection so just get to know the LAN address and connect.
  3. W

    Android Question Change Network operator with code

    Hi Please There must be a way to change the network operator on a rooted device. I found this code that use the TelephonyManager to change data state and it is working very nice , but i also need to change the network operator. Sub Process Globals Dim joData As JavaObject End Sub Sub...
  4. J

    Android Question FTP files in a 4G network Not Downloading or Importing

    Hello Good Morning I have a Sales App Developed in b4a, where the vendors of the company have a config file generated in a desktop system transfered to the FTP in model ".CSV", then In the APP the files are downloaded from the FTP and Imported to the system base. but when the vendor uses a 4G...
  5. Waldemar Lima

    Android Question Problem with GmapsLib [official ] With NetworkLib [ Official ]

    hi everyone ! i am creating a application using Gmaps Library [ Official ] working with Network Library [ Official ] but this application bellow sometimes it works and sometimes it does not work . what i am doing wrong ? someone can help me please ? Project size : 7MB Link to download ...