1. Magma

    Share My Creation [B4J] MAGMA IP-Scanner (network utility)

    Hi there, Well I ve created a simple IP Scanner for Windows only (runs sure at, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11)... It uses jShell Library, so cmd, also ping.exe, ipconfig.exe, arp.exe... Is a good example how to use String, Regex, substring, indexof, Wait For... I am attaching only the .jar file - i...
  2. pauleffect

    Android Question LAN device Name

    Hello. I'm developing an app that needs to connect to a PC server over LAN. The easy way is, of course, having the user type an IP and port and voila... But I'd like to find a way to keep user input (regarding networking) to a minimum. So, instead of manually typing IP's, I used...
  3. N

    Android Question ZeroMQ wrapping on B4A

    Hello, i find zmq librairy very powerfull networking lib, i found pure java code binding, but failed to wrap for B4A can someone help?? Link for java binding download:
  4. Waldemar Lima

    B4J Tutorial How create a Chat using B4J and Server Composer [ Socket ]

    hello everyone ! It is with great honor that I present to you my tool for creating websocket & socket servers, it was developed using C ++ [libwebsocket, enet, winsock, lua_wrapper, scintilla and others]. Today I will do a tutorial on how to use B4J with ServerComposer BUY HERE * First we...