node js

  1. Brandsum

    B4A Library Socket.IO Client Library

    Hi everyone, Here is the Socket.IO Client library wrap for this Github Project. SocketIOClient Author: @Brandsum (wrapper) Version: 2.4 Dependency: OkHttpUtils2 SocketIOClient Method: initialize(EventName As String) connect (host As String, secure As Boolean) connectWithOptions(host As...
  2. alimanam3386

    Android Question what is the best protocol for an app with 1m users

    Hi guys, Imagine an application you want to create for/with 1 million users. What protocol do you use for this volume of connections? my options for server side are : WebSocket ( jServer library - b4j ) MQtt ( I run a broker or MqttClient ) Node JS ( my knowledge is weak about it ) What do...