1. M

    iOS Question aps certificate expiring - what to do?

    Hi everyone, I’ve an app published on the store that receives notifications using firebase . I received an email from apple reminding me that the aps is about to expiring. What I’ve to do? The app will stop to receiving notification ? thanks in advance !
  2. M

    iOS Question Forward notification via bluetooth

    Hi everyone, I've a question. There is a way to forward notifications to an bluetooth device, like the 10$ smartwatch does? Thanks
  3. Alexander Stolte

    B4A Library [B4X] [XUI] AS DropDownBox - simple in app notification/information panel

    I spend a lot of time in creating views, like this and to create a high quality view cost a lot of time. If you want to support me and further views, then you can do it here by Paypal. :) Swipe to hide. ASDropDownBox Author: Alexander Stolte Version: 1.02 ASDropDownBox Events: Click...
  4. M

    iOS Question Firebase Messages does not trigger _RemoteNotification

    Hi everyone, today i opened a project that i had finished some month ago. In this project Firebase Messages was used. It Works now, the problem is that the sub "Application_RemoteNotification" does not trigger anymore when the app is open, but it show the banner in overlay, like if it is closed...
  5. Tilesoft

    Android Question Get applications notifications and display on my app

    Hi. Is it possible get other application notifications and display them on listview on my app?
  6. D

    Android Question [SOLVED] Fcm messaging - how many char can be send on a single notify ?

    I follow this link to implements a pc to android communication via Fcm Fcm Tutorial The notification is sent from B4J program on pc, received from B4A Android app, and correctly recognized But when I send notifications with body length greater than a few hundred characters, the android app...
  7. M

    Android Question Push Notification (Firebase) Not showing on some smartphones

    Hi everyone, i recently distributed an app that includes push notification. the notifications are locally created with the NB6 class. Unfortunately i‘ve got some feedbacks from my user saying that they are not receiving the notifications. I asked them what phone they are using: 90% Huawei, and...
  8. Mrphone

    Android Question AutoCancel(...) command does not work in NB6

    Hi.. :) The AutoCancel(True) or AutoCancel(False) command does not work at all n.Initialize("default", Application.LabelName, "HIGH").AutoCancel(True).SmallIcon(LoadBitmap(File.DirAssets,"noti_play.png")) _ .LargeIcon(LoadBitmap(File.DirAssets,"logo.png")).Color(Colors.RGB(187,127,42))...
  9. Mrphone

    Android Question Cancel notifications in the app

    Hi again I want to cancel the notification in my program .. but NB6 does not have the n.Cancel(1) command.
  10. Mrphone

    Android Question Cancel notification

    Hi guys :) I made a simple notification dim notif as Notification notif.Initialize notif.Icon = "icon" notif.AutoCancel = True notif.SetInfo("Title", "This is body.", Me) notif.notify(1) I want to do something whenever the notification is canceled is it possible?
  11. M

    iOS Question Wait for accept to receive notifications (RegisterUserNotification)

    Hi everyone, there is a way to wait for the user to click on the notification dialog, so the app stops to do things? Like: MsgBox2("Msg", "Body", "Title", Array("Yes", "No")) Wait For Msg_Click (ButtonText As String) If ButtonText = "Yes" Then 'things' End If thanks :D
  12. M

    iOS Question Intercept Firebase Messages (iosalert) while in background to store a state

    Hi everyone, i'm struggling finding the best solution to implement the notifications in my iOS app. I have two FB topics, one for syncing informations between the app and my server. (this should be silent push notification, and happends only in foreground) the second FB topic, instead, is for...
  13. M

    iOS Question [SOLVED] GeoFence and closed app

    Hi everyone. I was wondering if it's possibile to set up a geofence that when you enter (or exit), triggers an event catchable with the app closed. (like Apple "Find My" app, that can send a notification to you when a friend leave/arrive a place). I'm not knowledge about this things , so I'm...
  14. LucaMs

    Android Question Notifications, foreground services...

    I have read many times that the best example on how to create a "stable" foreground service is MyLocation, so I tried it. It works but I am trying to get the same behavoir of some other famous apps, like Whatsapp, Twitter, Zynga Poker, etc. They are able to receive notifications (obviously...
  15. rleiman

    Android Question Notification is displayed when app has no notifications defined when widget is on home screen

    Greetings, My customers are noticing a notification being displayed in the notification area of their screens as soon as they place my app's widget on their home screens. The app does not have any notifications defined nor are they used in any of my coding. This seems to be tied into the widget...
  16. C

    Android Question How do i enable Smart popup permission?

    Hi, I have a Samsung device and I noticed that there is a function called Smart Popup. I want to implement that function in my app but I don't know what permission to use. Also whatsapp and Amazon enabled smart popup automatically Can you help me? Thanks in advance, Simone
  17. M

    B4i Library [class] Foreground Notifications

    Hi, for my personal need, i had to write a small class in order receive notification when the app is showing (foreground). Maybe it can be useful to someone. You can set: Custom Text Color Custom Background Color The showing time An icon Vibrate (import the library "iPhone")
  18. A

    Spanish B4J PUSH

    Hola! Estuve buscando por el foro y no encuentro en ningun lado la forma de recibir una notificacion via push en b4j. Lo que estoy buscando es enviar desde php la push para que reciba un b4j esta notificacion y a partir de ahí realice una acción. Encontre siempre que b4j haga de servidor que...
  19. Marcos Alves

    Android Question Update Foreground Service Notification Message

    Hello, I have a foreground service that navigates in a sqlite table and downloads some images, and would like to put a counter in the notification to show the number of downloaded images. The service notification is created with this code: n.Initialize n.Sound = False n.Vibrate =...
  20. Cebuvi

    Android Question Show notoficacion programmed to several hours

    Hello, I am working on an app that submits notifications several hours apart by a fixed or variable interval. For example, 10:00, 11:00 and 12:00. After researching the forum I get it to work using a service in background and StartServiceAtExact but I have the following problems if the...