1. P

    Android Question Problem with FirebaseMessaging

    Hi, I'm having trouble getting Firebase notifications working. On iOS I was able to do it without much issues, but on Android I'm at a loss. I followed the tutorial at but when I...
  2. Pxs

    B4J Question Send FCM group notification to both Android and IOS

    Hello I've been using a B4J program to send FCM notifications to Android clients. We're now adding IOS support. Problem is, a notification formatted for android does not show on IOS ( lacks the additional json info) and viceversa (android does not like the additional fields) For now, we...
  3. M

    iOS Question Set Title to Local Notifications

    Hi everyone, I was taking a look to this Tutorial , i noticed that the notifcations are shown without the title, only the body. It's possibile to set the title too? Thanks in advance
  4. F

    B4J Question intercept windows action center notifications

    Hi all, has anyone in B4J managed to intercept notifications from the windows 10 action center? I need to check notifications from windows action center (that are not written in the windows event log) and then send them by email to my address. thanks Francesco
  5. D

    iOS Question Notification don't show the Alert banner in background mode.

    Hi, can some help? I am using notifications successfully, I am using normal push notifications which work when the App is in foreground and display an alert banner whilst the App is in background. However, is it possible to select which notifications display the Alert Banner when the App is in...
  6. D

    iOS Question Check for notification permissions

    Hi, Guy I have got a problem relating to checking for notification permissions - and would be grateful for some help. Basically, I have written some code based about previous post, see which includes a response from Erel on...
  7. Lucas Siqueira

    Android Question Problem with duplicate fcm message!

    Hello everyone! Problem with duplicate fcm message! I'm having problems with firebase cloud message, when I send message, I get two on mobile, one I sent and another as if it was automatic ... My version of b4a is the latest (9.50), FirebaseNotifications version is (1.21) ... On the firebase...
  8. M

    Android Question NB6 Notifications Builder class (2018)

    I installed the and ran it unchanged on my Nokia 6 with Android 9 and it worked for most examples for the first time. But not for "animated", "with progress" and "with actions" - even on first start. On second and following start, only "High priority", "Low priority" and "custom sound"...
  9. N

    Android Question Disable notifications programmatically

    Hi, I would like to know if is possible disable notification from my app without open notification settings. I'm using the code below to check if it is on or off, any idea? Sub AreNotificationsEnabled As Boolean Dim jo As JavaObject Dim ctxt As JavaObject ctxt.InitializeContext...
  10. LucaMs

    Android Question Runs FCM push notifications your app?

    I tested using the projects posted in the library thread: and if I stop my app by the device settings, it does not start when I send an FMC message (I used the b4j project attached...
  11. Multiverse app

    Android Question Firebase Notifications error

    After I updated to FirebaseNotifications v1.21, I get the following error- *** Service (firebasemessaging) Create *** ** Service (firebasemessaging) Start ** firebasemessaging_subscribetotopics (java line: 193) java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: No virtual method...
  12. Philip Chatzigeorgiadis

    B4J Question [ABMaterial] [Solved]Push.js Notifications

    Could anyone please post a small tutorial or provide any help on how to use Push.Js notifications with ABMaterial? I found the idea about Push.Js in this post by @mindful : here but, so far...
  13. rleiman

    Android Question AutomaticForegroundMode without vibrating and notification sound

    Hi Everyone, Can we tell this statement not to vibrate the phone and not have a notification sound? Most of our customers don't want it to do that. I also noticed the statement also displays the name of the app as defined in #ApplicationLabel. Can we put custom text in the title and...
  14. Seneca

    Spanish FirebaseNotifications. ¿Es posible consultar a Firebase a qué temas se está subscrito?

    Hola. Un dispositivo puede subscribirse a uno o varios temas de FirebaseNotifications. Al respecto me surgen dos dudas. La primera es si existe algún método por el cual un usuario puede consultar desde la App a qué temas está subscrito. La segunda es: Desde el panel de administración de...
  15. Marcos Alves

    Android Question Toleap App

    Is this still working in new versions of android ( @thedesolatesoul ? I tested the demo app and really didn't find a way to get working. I got the message "Invalid Toleap API Key...". I...