1. Dave O

    Android Question testing for null vs using isInitialized?

    I'm not clear on the difference between testing an object for NULL vs. using isInitialized. I ran into this because I passed a Null value into a sub, but it crashed on an "object not initialized" error. Here's the code: tip1.addTipForArea(tempRect, Null, "foobar", "barfoo") Public Sub...
  2. Maodge

    Android Question [solved]question on "Null"

    pls look at the following code dim map1 as map dim s as string dim o as object map1.Initialize map1.Put("4","d") map1.Put("1","a") map1.Put("101","a") s = map1.get(1) ' s = null o = map1.Get(1) 'o = null If s<> Null Then Log("s is not null") Else Log("s...