1. epiCode

    B4J Code Snippet Generate Hierarchical Table with Multilevel Numbering

    I had a list of categories from Amazon which were stored in a csv like this (semicolon separated 25234 entries): Main Category;Subcat 1;Subcat 2;Subcat 3;Subcat 4;Subcat 5;Subcat 6;Subcat 7;Subcat 8 Appliances Appliances;Dishwashers Appliances;Dishwashers;Built-In Dishwashers...
  2. A

    B4J Question How to add a hexadecimal value

    Hello, I'm working on a raspberry pie project where I need to use along with that, i have to create hexadecimal to decimal converter to process the numbers. i have a basic knowledge about and i found a thread how to integrate it with the app but i have no idea about numbers...