1. Dave O

    Android Question protecting embedded ClientIDOauth using code obfuscation?

    I've added a feature to my app that uses Google Drive to store backups. In this super-helpful post by Fredo, he mentions that the clientID for OAuth should never be stored in the source code, for security reasons (i.e. someone could get that ID by de-compiling the app). However, in Erel's...
  2. Multiverse app

    Android Question PostString Coinbase API error

    I've been trying to integrate the Coinbase API in my app for some time now. I was able to login and get access key with OAuth using webview. I am only having problems Sending money doc: curl https://api.coinbase.com/v2/accounts/2bbf394c-193b-5b2a-9155-3b4732659ede/transactions / -X POST \...
  3. avalle

    B4J Question OAuth2 Authorization Server in B4J

    I need to implement an OAuth2 Authorization Server in B4J but I only seem to find threads on client implementations (e.g. B4J which authenticate to public OAuth services like Google or Facebook). Is there anyone who has done or tried this already and want to share some ideas, starting points...