Android Question Google Drive API 3 - expired permissions?

Dave O

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Short version:
When using Google Drive via API 3, do I need to explicitly handle the case where the app no longer has the Google Drive access permission that the user originally granted it (because it expired)?

Long version:
I've been using the GoogleDrive API (created by @mw71 and updated by @fredo ) to help my app back up files to Google Drive. Works well.

However, a user reported that they had not used my app for a while, and then resumed using it, but the GD-based backup feature no longer worked. He got a "couldn't connect - no response" error.

He uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and tried again, and this time he saw the "grant permission" series of pages to allow my app to connect to his Google Drive. All good from there.

So, one possibility is that the permission that they originally granted (when first using the app) expired after not using the app for a while.

In this case, would my normal "connect to GD" calls automatically trigger a new request to the user to re-grant permissions on the fly (like they originally did), or do I need to handle this myself somehow?

Or is something else going on here?

Any help appreciated!


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I've been using the GoogleDrive API
I don´t know this Lib/Code.

But it is follows a OAuth2 flow then there should be a automatic refresh happen.
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