1. alain bertrand

    Android Question Oauth2 multiple scopes (HowTo)

    An app's activity uses Modules GoogleDrive.bas and GoogleOAuth2 to backup/restore SQLite.db. 100% working. My aim is to make another activity sending Mail. Gmail service is added in Google console. I'm in total confusion. At each Activity_Create (at firsttime) oaut2.initialize(Me) it's own scope...
  2. F

    Android Question Google Cloud Storage upload

    Hello all, What I'd like to accomplish is to simply upload a file (zip) to a bucket that I've already created on Google Cloud Storage. REST API URI is given as: https://www.googleapis.com/upload/storage/v1/b/[BUCKET_NAME]/o?uploadType=media&name=[OBJECT_NAME] I do understand that I need...
  3. L

    iOS Question Has anyone implemented oauth2 with Strava

    I'm trying to connect to Strava but am very confused about the oauth2 implementation. Has anyone any experience with this or any code they could share. Thank you
  4. B

    B4J Question OAuth2 auth

    Does anyone know how I can authenticate OAuth2 on the API at https://api.harpercollins.com/exp/oauth2/v1/access_token_cors/
  5. V

    Android Question Google Drive library

    Because now "It is no longer possible to use WebView to implement Google's OAuth2 authentication.", this means that the "libGoogleDrive" library can no longer be used to connect and work with Google Drive? https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/work-with-google-drive.58805/ Thanks