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  1. M

    iOS Question [SOLVED] TouchID / FaceID Objective C error

    Hi, i'm trying to change this objective C code: #If OBJC #import <LocalAuthentication/LocalAuthentication.h> -(void)TouchID :(NSObject*)handler :(NSString*)subnameok :(NSString*)subnamefail :(NSString*)reason { LAContext *myContext = [[LAContext alloc] init]; NSError *authError = nil; NSString...
  2. miguelconde

    iOS Question Where is the objective c code that represents my developement?

    Hello, im not an ios developer and i have some troubles trying to export my b4i proyect to xcode. When i try to open the objective c code that is hosted in Object/src/B4iProyect in Xcode (i need to do this in order to respond to a request of the client) i got a message that says that there are...