1. drgottjr

    Share My Creation At The Threshold

    this was a fun project, of interest, perhaps, to ocr mavens. the problem doesn't occur as much with barcode scanning. background noise can drown out the text you are trying to extract. attempting to separate the text (so-called foreground) from the noise (background) is achieved with varying...
  2. Bladimir Carrillo

    Android Question Mileage Extraction From Odometer Pictures

    May be somebody knows or developed a library to do that ? I was testig with OCR but do not run. You can find an interesting explanation about this project here Any ideas ?
  3. LucaMs

    Android Question OCR offline - fixed area

    I have seen that there is more than one OCR library for B4A. Before I start trying them all, I'd like to know if anyone has been able to get the features listed below and then recommend the library to use. 1 - it works offline 2 - the recognition is carried out only in a small rectangle. The...
  4. KMatle

    Android Example Google Vision/Play Services OCR example

    1. Take Erel's QR/Barcode-Reader example: QR 2. Change/add the following: In the manifest change the last line to "android:value="barcode,,ocr,,face"" '************ Google Play Services Base ************ AddApplicationText( <activity...


    Hi guys, Used to work 2 years ago but things have changed I need to: 1. Snap Picture 2. Get Text - using Google Vision OCR API USD 50 is fine? But payment has to be made through Wise (Transfer Wise) cause PayPal doesn't work for me to link Debit Cards in Malaysia Direct bank-to-bank can...
  6. roberto64

    Android Example TessBaseAPI ocr

    hello, a small library of TessBaseAPI "tesseract4android-2.1.0" Ocr, you need to download tesseract4android-2.1.0.aar and junit-4.4.jar as Depends, for the tessdata languages "https://github.com/tesseract-ocr / tessdata " regards
  7. Mrphone

    Android Question AndroidVisionOCR

    Hi Guys :) The AndroidVisionOCR library written by @Johan Schoeman has been disabled :( ? Because it does not recognize any text What library can I use for OCR if it is disabled?
  8. A

    Android Question B4A - OCR Library

    Hi All, Hope you ca help - I have been looking OCR library for small project and found this one : https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/ocr-optical-character-recognition-with-google-play-services-android-vision.70417/ I'm having issues to get this working, I'm also confused by the part...
  9. xulihang

    Share My Creation Tesseract-clipboard: OCR images stored in clipboard

    Hi, I made a tesseract-ocr ui frontend, which will convert images stored in the clipboard into texts. Different from https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/screen-ocr-in-5-minutes-and-50-lines.90655/, my version is very simple. It utilizes the system's screencapture shortcut to store images...
  10. rtek1000

    Android Question How to read segment display?

    Hello, I would like to read the display of my digital multimeter, I found an App "Yomzo" that uses "OpenCV Manager", does anyone know how to read segment display? The App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.gr.java_conf.coskx.ddreader2.trial The OpenCV Manager...
  11. jroriz

    Share My Creation Screen OCR in 5 minutes and 50 lines!

    Exactly like the thread title! 5 minutes. 50 lines... 1 - Download and install Tesseract (<15Mb): https://sourceforge.net/projects/tesseract-ocr-alt/files/ 2 - Install Tesseract in "C:\TO" - OR change the DoOcr sub to match the location where you installed it 3 - Start the program. Move the...