1. drgottjr

    B4A Library Http Interceptor

    we've had several recent threads relating to okhttputils2: 1) delayed network access (erel suggested he might include his fix as part of the okhttputils2 b4xlib), 2) okhttp's behavior in the case of redirects (this might also possibly be added to the library instead of an ad hoc fix, when...
  2. C

    Android Question Firebasenotifications + okhttputils2 = Virus Total detects malware

    HI, I figured out I create a simple basic app with Firebasenotifications and okhttputils2 libs, Virus Total detects it as malware. (B4A 12.5 64 bit) I need to send push notifications, how can I solve it?
  3. Cainsoft

    Android Question StartReceiverAt OkHttpUtils2 during phone sleep

    Hi, I have a scheduled task that downloads a web page (OkHttpUtils2) every morning. When the phone is "not asleep" it can download it, otherwise it gets an error message: java.net.UnknownHostException: Unable to resolve host. StartReceiverAt(Reminder_receiver, nextTime, False) Public Sub...
  4. naengi

    Android Question HttpJob timeout in receiver

    Hello I use HTTPJob in the receiver There is no problem when the program is running and all requests are sent correctly But When I close the program, I get a timeout error or Unable to resolve host error šŸ˜‘ What is the problem? And one more question, is it still possible to run a service in...
  5. Rosin

    Android Question Http problem in 5g situation

    Hey guys,here i am using the httpjob to get the cookie from my school's websit,but i have noticed that when i am using wifi,i send the get request,and it respond very quickly...but when i am using my 5g network instead of wifi...it will wait...wait until 30s(the timeout) though it maybe have...
  6. Amirfk

    Android Question Communication with rest api by get function in ok httputils2 library

    Hello, I am using the following code to communicate with the rest api, but I am facing a 404 error. Each link and variable are correct. What suggestion and criticism do you have for this problem, thanks in advance .
  7. Plutoam

    Android Question OkHttpUtils2 v3.02 Not Working In Receiver

    Hello, I am using the latest update of the OkhttpUtils2 library, which is version 3.02, in the FirebaseMessaging Receiver, some requests are not executed. It gives very strange errors Sometimes it even gives an error, but the request is executed and sent to the server And when the program is...
  8. Plutoam

    Bug? OkHttpUtils2 v3.02 Bug

    Hello, I am using the latest update of the OkhttpUtils2 library, which is version 3.02, in the FirebaseMessaging Receiver, some requests are not executed. It gives very strange errors Sometimes it even gives an error, but the request is executed and sent to the server And when the program is...
  9. P

    Android Question New OkHttpUtils2 (v 3.02) gives "sending message to waiting queue of uninitialized activity (submitjob)" errors

    The problem occurs on instructions. After installing this update to OKHttpUtils2 I am now getting log messages saying "sending message to waiting queue of uninitialized activity (submitjob)" and then waiting for ever on the line This is true both in a B4xPages activity and in a...
  10. BrotherEarth

    Android Question OkHttpUtils2 - PostString with Download to receive data from the POST

    Hi, it has been a while since I used B4A, and now it seems to be the fastest way to build Proofs of Concept apps super fast and easy! How can we POST then receive the response payload? Background: We have many data web and cloud APIs. When we POST a body of JSON data (for a new record in the...
  11. M

    Android Question OKHttpUtils2 Hard Refresh?

    Hello Community, Well, I was working with PHP files for a project on the server side, when I ran into a problem. After changing the PHP file or changing MYSQL, the string received from the server as a Result is the same as the previous string and has not changed. Due to the caching of...
  12. Myr0n

    Android Question Alternative to okhttp 1.5?

    Hello I am using okhttputils2 version 3.0, recently I made a change in an old project app that runs in some devices with android 4.x My problem now is that since the latest version of okhttp 1.5 the minimum sdk version is 21 (android 5) my old project in devices android 4.x has some issues...
  13. J

    Android Question B4A version 11.5 (OkHttpUtils2) bug?

    '*****B4A Version 10.0 ~ 11.0 No Errors , Only version 11.5 error (Same OkHttpUtils2 Version 3.00)***** Dim StrMyHTTPS As String StrMyHTTPS = "https://www.~~/~~?access_token=" & StrToken & user_screen_name = " & StrID & " & user_password = " & StrPassSHA256" Dim HttpMyJob As...
  14. king_mkv

    Android Question post requests in b4a

    Hello my friends I want to send a request in Basic Four Android and show a response to the user, depending on the response I get from the server. I used to work with Python, and there it was very easy to use a site to convert curls to Python commands. Is there a way I can request a server with a...
  15. yo3ggx

    Android Question OKHttpUtils2 versions

    Hello, In my B4A 11.50 it shows that the online version of the library is older than the included one: I know that v3.00 require Android 5 and up. What is the latest OkHttpUtils2 version that supports Android 4.4? I want my app to be supported on this version too. Thank you.
  16. J

    Android Question B4XPages project hangs on download of 2MB file

    I'm using 'Wait For' in a B4XPages project calling the OkhttpUtils2 library to download a 2MB file. I've attached a zip file of the project. The relevant code in B4XHTTPSPage (as B4XMainPage is just code for a button to show B4XHTTPSPage) is: Sub Class_Globals Private Root As B4XView 'ignore...
  17. J

    Android Question B4XPages download from https url with progress bar and wait for for it to finsh

    I'm using B4XPages to develop for Android using B4A. I want to download a SQLite database of just a few MB from a https url and wait for it to finish. I'm using the example code in old thread...
  18. P

    Android Question Download huge files with HttpUtils2 in B4xpages

    Download huge files with HttpUtils2 Sub btnDownload_Click Dim dd As DownloadData dd.url = link1 '<--- download link dd.EventName = "dd" dd.Target = Me CallSubDelayed2(DownloadService, "StartDownload", dd) End Sub Please, i used to use the above example to download files with...
  19. W

    Android Question Http's Request's Timeout seems not be configured

    Hi, I am using library OkHttpUtils2 and find the timeout of Http's request sticked to around 20 seconds but cannot be assigned. My testing codes is: #Region Activity Attributes #FullScreen: False #IncludeTitle: True #End Region Sub Process_Globals 'These global variables will be...
  20. H

    Android Question Upload file, e.g. jpg using okHttUtils2

    A service or a server, not B4J server, is accepting the ff. HTTP PUT command. curl -vX PUT http://admin:[email protected]:5984/albums/6e1295ed6c29495e54cc05947f18c8af/artwork.jpg?rev=2-2739352689 --data-binary @artwork.jpg -H "Content-Type:image/jpg" I tried the sample provided by the link...