1. moty22

    Share My Creation The return of Peter's beetle

    OLED 0.95", SSD1331, 96x64 displays bitmap. Online C sets the SPI and loads the B4X icon to the flash memory. The beetle is stored in the RAM. The display module is from Ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/282379866279?ssPageName=STRK:MEBIDX:IT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 To create the array...
  2. moty22

    Share My Creation OLED Code Lock

    Electronic lock 4 digits code. Digits are stored in the EEPROM. To change code press pushbutton once and enter 4 digits. The relay operates for 2 seconds to unlock. B4R code uses rEEPROM lib and rWIRE lib. The keypad is matrix 3x4, the Oled is 0.96", 128x64, SSD1306 driver, I2C. The code lock...
  3. moty22

    Share My Creation OLED Animation

    I've been banging my head all day to get it to work. The animation is from 3 bitmaps switched periodically. The code uses wire lib. Screen is 128x64, i2c, 1306 driver. The code is for Arduino Uno or Nano. To convert image to code: On a PC (MS Paint) save image as monochrom bmp. Download LCD...
  4. moty22

    Share My Creation OLED Oscilloscope

    OLED low frequency oscilloscope, bandwidth is DC to 1000Hz. Max sampling rate is 16000 samples per second. An oscilloscope with these specifications has limited use, but it is a good exercise in using OLED display. rWire lib is used for I2C. Inline c used to increase speed of I2C to 400KHz...
  5. moty22

    Share My Creation Talking Clock

    The clock uses ATMEGA328 internal timers to get 1 minute time base which is as accurate as the 16MHz crystal. The code works for Arduino Nano and Uno only. Code has inline C for setting the timers, and wire lib for the OLED. The DF Player plays many sound formats. The talking clock can be used...