1. W

    B4J Question DatePicker behaviour differs between Oracle Java 8 and OpenJDK 11?

    When editing the 'textfield' (for want of a better word) of the DatePicker, I see the following happening when the view loses focus or when Enter is pressed: - compiled with Oracle Java 8: the ValueChanged event fires - compiled with OpenJDK 11: the event doesn't fire, so the text shows the...
  2. L

    B4J Question [B4JServer] Could not locate b4xV5.ini … [ERROR]: missing the html files.

    Please note that I am new to B4J. I have made progress but I am stuck in a frustrating place right now. Any help would be much appreciated. Here is the issue: 1. I am working in a Windows 10/VirtualBox (Ubuntu Server) environment. 2. I am compiling my Win 10 B4J BANanoServer WebSocket PWA based...
  3. C

    B4J Question [Solved] jCharts with OpenJDK 11 - can't display negative values on Stacked Bar Chart

    I can't get the Stacked Bar Charts of jCharts to display negative values when running with java 11 (OpenJDK 11). It works OK under Java 8. To test it I've gone back to the original examples posted by Informatix (Charts2 from I changed...
  4. Didier9

    B4J Question Problem with Java Serial Connector Library from OpenJDK11

    Not a B4J issue proper, but an issue using it nevertheless... I installed B4J with OpenJDK11. I an getting this error when trying to open a COM port under Win 10 64: # # A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment: # # EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) at...