1. mcqueccu

    iOS Question Using OTA, Unable to download app

    I kept getting this error on Ipad Air 2 running ios9. I followed the OTA step which was successful. I then sent the link to the ipad. Error message says: Unable to download App, App could not be installed at this time. Retry.
  2. A

    B4R Question OTA Update for ESP 8266 device

    Does Br4 have a method for updating an esp8266 device OTA, similar to https://randomnerdtutorials.com/esp8266-ota-updates-with-arduino-ide-over-the-air/
  3. igodese

    iOS Question OTA link seems to be not working on iOS 11+ [OK]

    Hi All. I recently modified a regurlarly published App for some additional features and, as usual, I passed a link for OTA install to my beta-testers. There was a problem on 2 iPhones on a group of 3. How the link was supplied: - in order to make simpler to reach the download, I created a...