1. KMatle

    B4R Tutorial ESP32: OTP/2FA example

    This example generates a OTP/2FA ("One Time Password") as you know it when you login to a website and you get a 6 digit code via sms. It changes every 30 seconds. How it works: - as it is time based, you need a internet connection. Please add your wifi/router credentials - time is retrieved...
  2. KMatle

    Android Code Snippet [B4x] Use OTP in your apps (php code also included)

    OTP is a one time pin (here: 6 digits) depending on a given password and the actual time. Usage: - additional security when a user does a login - take care of server requests (a request can be intercepted and repeated). As it depends on the date/time with OTP this isn't possible - some sort...
  3. KMatle

    B4J Tutorial [B4x]Google Authenticator OTP (others will do, too) complete example with code

    Wikipedia: Google Authenticator Most websites where you have to log in offer to protect your account by using a multi-factor authentication. Here you can use an app like Google Authenticator (GA) which shows a 6 or 8 digit number which you have to type in when you log in. How it works: The...
  4. Multiverse app

    Wish SMS Retriever API

    Google is removing apps with SMS and CALL_LOG permissions In a recent email, they said: Can this be wrapped for B4A?