package name

  1. J

    Android Question Changing Configuration in All Relevant Files

    I would like to change the Package Name from to for a project. When I do so in menu item Project->Build Configuration, I can change it there. This is confirmed by exiting it afterwards and doing Build Configuration again. However, various folder names (e.g. in...
  2. Sandman

    Android Question [SOLVED] Crash when I change package name

    I bit of background (not sure how relevant it is): My app is using geofences, pretty much based on the example code by Erel. In that code there's this sub: Private Sub CreateGeofenceRequest (GeofenceBuilder As JavaObject) As JavaObject Dim builder As JavaObject...
  3. Hadi57

    Android Question Malformed Manifest in uppercase characters in package name and Firebase services

    Hi everybody I used uppercase character in one of my published games, therefore I can’t use Firebase services (cloud messaging), I get INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_MANIFEST_MALFORMED error message while compiling. As I have more than +5M installs in Google play I can’t change package name and release...
  4. amorosik

    Italian Come capire se un package e' installato oppure no?

    Dispongo di una procedura per Android che, quando riceve un apposito comando via sms, avvia il package xyz In sostanza il programma1 fa partire il programma2 Solo che se programma2 non esiste, qualche santo viene giu' Vorrei quindi controllare che il package da avviare esista, prima di tentare...
  5. amorosik

    Italian B4A - Come conoscere il nome package di un'app ?

    Dispongo di un'app realizzata con B4A All'interno c'e' il codice per avviare altra app, generica, installata sul dispositivo Per avviare la seconda app, devo conoscerne il nome package da avviare La domanda e': data una app qualsiasi installata sul telefono, come conoscerne il nome package da...
  6. Martin Larsen

    Android Question Google Play presence and package name

    I am about to publish my first app. In what name do you present your app on Google Play? As yourself or in the client's name? That applies to the package name as well. Do you use tld.yourcompany.appname or tld.clientname.appname?